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Mailing Address

Voice: 801-536-4250
FAX: 801-533-4097

After Hours/Emergencies:
State of Utah Office Park
195 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84116
State of Utah
Div. of Radiation Control
P.O. Box 144850
Salt Lake City, UT


Rusty Lundberg, Director
Phone: 801-536-4257

Shaun Buttars, Records Manager
Phone: 801-536-4184

Nicole Carrell, Support Services Coordinator
Phone: 801-536-4498

Kathy Allred, Office Specialist
Phone: 801-536-4002

Bill Craig, Division Health Physicist / WIPP Transportation Project
Phone: 801-536-4271

Jeanell Collings, Accounting Technician
Phone: 801-536-4253

Loren Morton, Program Manager
Phone: 801-536-4262

Shairose Falahati, Administrative Secretary
Phone: 801-536-4252


Radioactive Materials and X-Ray Sections

Craig Jones, Program Manager
Phone: 801-536-4264

Radioactive Materials

Mike Givens, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-0278

Philip Griffin, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-4261

Spencer Wickham, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-0082


Ryan Abbott, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-4250

Lisa Mechem, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-4250

Karen Wehking, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-4250

Doug Wong, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-4267


LLRW / U Mills Compliance Section

Phil Goble, Program Manager
Phone: 801-536-4044

Engineering Compliance

David Esser, Engineer
Phone 801-536-0079

Russ Topham, Engineer
Phone: 801-536-4256

Generator Site Access

Edith Barker, Environmental Program Coordinator
Phone: 801-536-0077

Jule Fausto, Transportation Specialist
Phone: 801-536-0073

Groundwater Compliance

Dean Henderson, Hydrogeologist
Phone: 801-536-0046

Tom Rushing, Hydrogeologist
Phone: 801-536-0080

Radiation Safety Compliance

Kevin Carney, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-0084

Boyd Imai, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-0038


LLRW / U Mills Licensing and Permiting Section

John Hultquist, Program Manager
Phone: 801-536-4263

Engineering Licensing and Permiting

Connie Rauen Engineer
Phone: 801-536-4266

Vacant Engineer
Phone: 801-536-4023

Groundwater Licensing and Permiting

Charles Bishop, Hydrogeologist
Phone: 801-536-4234

David Edwards, Hydrogeologist
Phone: 801-536-4259

Radiation Safety Licensing and Permiting

Gwyn Galloway, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-4258

Ryan Johnson, Health Physicist
Phone: 801-536-4255

Indoor Radon

Elenor Divver, Indoor Radon Coordinator
Phone: 801-536-0091