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DRC-01 Radioactive Material License Application
Posted April 11, 2008

DRC-02A Series: Preceptor Attestations for Medical Use
Posted May 16, 2007

DRC-04 Notice to Employees
Posted April 9, 2001

DRC-04SP Aviso a los Empleadon
Posted February 27, 2006

DRC-05 Cumulative Occupational Exposure History
Posted July 28, 1999

DRC-06 Occupational Exposure Record
Posted July 28, 1999

DRC-07 In Vitro Testing under General License—Registration Form
Posted July 28, 1999

DRC-10 X-ray Machine Registration Application
Revised March 1, 2007

DRC-12 Use of Depleted Uranium—Registration Form
Posted July 12, 2004

DRC-13 Certain Measuring, Gauging or Controlling Devices Under General License—Registration Form
Posted February 9, 2001

DRC-14 Radioactive Material License Termination
Posted July 16, 1999

DRC-26 Generator Site Access Permit Application
Revised May 14, 2013

Citizenship Certification - Senate Bill 81
Revised August 22, 2011

New, Transfer and Disposed-of X-ray Equipment Form
Revised May 20, 2009

Request for Public Information
Revised August 26, 2009

X-Ray Assembler Notification